Unilag Produced 104 First Class Student From Different Faculties, Also Reported A 77 year old Woman Graduated Yesterday…

University of Lagos in Akoka Lagos,  produced 104 first class student from four faculties including faculty of Art, Environment science, Education and social science during the firstday of the 50th Covocation. They came out of the 12,811 students that will graduate from Unilag this year.

The Pro Chancellor and chairman of UNILAG Governing council, Dr Wale Babalakin congratulated the graduands. He remarks, “be leaders in your fields, the bottom is always crowded, so avoid bing at the bottom. Your degree is not just to earn a living but also to contribute to changing the society for the better.”

The vice chancellor Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, said the  three days convocation ceremoney will produce 7,438 students graduating with a first degrees and 5,405 postgraduate degrees. 3,795 students from the five faculties were conferred with first degrees

A 77-year-old female retiree graduated with a first degree in Guidance and counselling from the Faculty of Education.

Reporter said the 77 years old graduate said “I am most grateful to God who made me see this day as i have realized my dreams.”

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